Core CPD

Infection Control HTM 01-05 - 2 Hours Core Verifiable CPD


This training enables the whole dental team to understand the reasons for practising effective infection control procedures and how to implement them in conjunction with the HTM01-05 guidelines. It raises awareness of routine infection control within the dental environment and helps to provide strategies to control infection risks, whether the practice is working to ‘Essential Requirements’ or ‘Best Practice’. It encourages practices to progressively raise the quality of decontamination of their reusable instruments within their dental facility. It explains the principles of infection control, pathogen groups and water quality in practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have a better understanding of current regulations, laws and ethics surrounding Dental Practice.
  • Be aware of how infections can be transmitted and the importance of infection control.
  • Master the principles of decontamination.
  • Be aware of how infection control may vary in other environments.
  • Understand roles and responsibilities within a Dental Practice.

Topics Exposed

  • 2 hours core verifiable CPD
  • Dedicated HTM 01-05 training team
  • Fully interactive sessions
  • Covers ALL essential topics


COURSE Infection Control HTM 01-05
Speaker , ,
Time 18:00pm - 20:30pm each day
CPD Hours 2 Hours Core Verifiable CPD
Refreshments Yes
Cost £30.00 exc VAT Per Delegate

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 Dates & Locations

  • Nov14 2017
    Infection Control HTM 01-05

    Venue: Hallmark Hotel Cambridge
    Location: Bar Hill, Cambridge, Cambridge, CB23 8EU

  • Dec06 2017
    Infection Control HTM 01-05

    Venue: Jurys Inn Sheffield
    Location: 119 Eyre Street, Sheffield, Sheffield, S1 4QW


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